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Public input is a vital part of the hazard mitigation planning process. This survey is one significant way that residents of Coryell County can provide valuable information to contribute to the plan. The survey is designed to help the Coryell County HMP Executive Committee identify the community’s concerns about natural hazards, loss from such hazards, and needs and tools for reducing risk.

This short survey is comprised of questions about your awareness and concern about natural hazards and their impacts on you, your family, property and community. Participation in the survey is voluntary and should be completed by an adult. All individual responses are strictly confidential; your name will not be requested or collected and your survey responses will be completely anonymous and will be used for research and planning purposes only.

The survey will be available electronically via the link below and will be distributed in paper form at various venues including public meetings and county offices. It will be open from January 12th 2023 to February 12th 2023. Survey response data will be analyzed for use in guiding areas of focus and mitigation strategies in the HMP. Results will be summarized and presented in the final HMP and posted to this website in late February. 

The Survey Closed on February 12, 2023. 

Thank you for your Participation. 


Curious to know about the Survey Results? Access our Analysis by clicking the link below: 

Public Survey Results - Analysis.pdf 

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